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Finding a balcony leak can be difficult for the average homeowner or contractor, due to potential horizontal water migration in your walls. Water from a leaking balcony can creep throughout your home, leaving damage in the walls, ceilings, or around windows nowhere near the point of water entry.

Balcony and deck leaks most often go without any noticeable damage for a long time while structural damage is occurring within the cavity. In addition to structural damage, dangerous mold may be festering hidden within your home long before the damage becomes visible from the interior living space. Repairs to your balcony may be covered by your insurance.

We can find your balcony leak!

When working with a leaking balcony, it takes a real expert to distinguish the true scope of the work necessary to make a permanent, cost-effective repair recommendation. mitsubishi-24.ru has the experience and forensic testing skills to make that recommendation.

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