Planter and Plant Box Leaks

As popular as they are beautiful, planters often add that special touch to your home or business. But planters that experience water leaks due to improper waterproofing, root intrusion, or structural failure can also cause extensive damage. Water, soil, and mud from leaking planters can find their way into your home, resulting in costly cleanup and repair bills. Organic material from a leaking planter provides a fertile breeding ground for mold and other harmful biological agents. Planters situated over living areas are especially dangerous, given their capacity to leak into your roof and wall structure.

How do I know if I have a planter leak?

Crumbling stucco, rotten trim work, and stained deck or patio surfaces are all signs that your planter may be leaking. If you suspect a planter leak, call the experts at We’ll perform a thorough inspection of your planters and find your planter leak. Our written report will indicate the areas in your home affected by the planter leak, and can be used as documentation when filing an insurance claim.

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