Plumbing Specialists

Our highly-trained technicians are industry leaders in the accurate, non-destructive detection of all types of plumbing leaks, including hidden water and sewer leaks. Plumbing leaks can occur behind your walls, in your ceiling or between floors, may even be a leak in your slab.

The accurate and efficient location of pipe leaks is made possible through highly advanced technology and years of experience. Our techniques not only save you time and money, they also prevent property damage: we’ll never tear out your walls, floors, slab or ceilings using the outdated ‘trial-and-error’ location efforts employed by many of our competitors. We can find your leaking pipes without destroying your home or business.

leaks behind staircases

Leaks Can’t Hide From Us! specializes in locating concealed plumbing leaks inside the structural elements of your home or business. Allowing a leaking pipe behind a wall, in the ceiling, or in your slab to go undetected can lead to expensive repairs due to structural failures resulting from rot. We can detect pipe and plumbing leaks within minutes using Electronic and Infrared Thermal Imaging technology. Don’t wait until your house falls down around your head from mold, rot and decay.

insulation water damage

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