Roof Leaks – Flat Roof Leaks specializes in the quick and efficient detection of residential and commercial roof leaks. If you have a leaking roof, chances are it was caused by wind lift or other natural phenomenon which are all covered by your home owner's insurance. A leaking skylight is another common culprit. If you see water in the ceiling or other signs that make you suspect a roof leak, have the problem investigated immediately to avoid further damage.

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Flat Roof Leaks Are Our Specialty

Flat roof leaks in commercial buildings present unique challenges. We are dedicated to the task of reducing repair costs through our comprehensive roof We’ll put our advanced Infrared Thermal Imaging technology to work finding the leaks in your flat roof.

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With our roof service, you’ll receive a detailed written report with findings and recommendations regarding the condition of the roofing system, including a color graph outlining problem areas, if any. We can also help with your water damage insurance claim.

Flat Roof

  • Forensic Roof Analysis
  • Roof Moisture Surveys
  • Moisture Gravimetric Testing
  • Wind Uplift Testing
  • Fastener Uplift Testing

You can repair leaks with confidence knowing there was no need to replace your flat roof structure. We can help you save thousands of dollars on the future ongoing maintenance of your flat roof.

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