Accurately finding a plumbing leak inside a slab foundation requires technical expertise and extensive experience. Breaking into a slab or pool deck without positive confirmation of a leak location is unnecessary and unprofessional. Don’t let anyone dismantle your property just to search for leaks. specialists from can non-destructively detect and pinpoint the source of your slab leak with minimal impact to your home or business.

What is a slab leak?

Slab leaks are highly destructive plumbing leaks that occur when pipes in a slab foundation burst or rupture. Because the pipes are embedded within the concrete of the slab, pinpointing the leak is especially difficult. Leaking water from a slab leak can pool under floors or along structural elements. When dealing with a slab leak, accurate is critical to prevent additional repair expenses and irreparable damage to your property.

Signs You May Have a Leak in Your Slab

If you suspect you have a plumbing leak in your slab, check for these common symptoms of a slab leak:

  • The sound of running water when no water should be running
  • A “hot spot” on your hardwood or tile floor
  • Unexplained cracks in walls or floors
  • Mildew or damp areas in your carpets
  • High water bills (also caused by plumbing leaks)
buckled hardwood floor

Slab and Repair

Slab leaks are serious problems that require experience and specialized equipment to detect and repair. The professionals from use the latest in electronic and acoustic technology to locate even the smallest of pinhole leaks. You won’t find us tearing out your floor or breaking into your slab hoping to find a leak. Our proven techniques allow us to find the source of your leak quickly and with pinpoint accuracy.

Prevent further damage to your home by repairing leaks in your slab immediately. Our technicians can help: we perform all sorts of slab leak repairs, from simple spot repairs to full slab repipes, all while minimizing the impact to your property. Slab and repair services may be covered by your insurance.

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