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Left undetected, a leaking window can cause substantial damage to the walls in your home or business. Window leaks typically occur gradually, growing worse over time, rather than making themselves known with a large gush of water.

Typical window leak causes include:

  • Improperly sealed stucco
  • Poor drainage
  • Clogged drain
  • Lack of gutter
  • Broken gutter
  • Cracked stucco
  • Holes in stucco
  • Water in stucco

If you suspect a window leak, don’t start removing window frames or ripping down walls hoping you’ll find the source of the leak. Have one of our mitsubishi-24.ru specialists examine your home or business using our Infrared Thermal Imaging cameras. You can be confident that we’ll FIND YOUR WINDOW LEAK. Armed with our report, you can address the exact cause of your window leak, minimizing damage and cost.

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Our window leak detectives provide window and surrounding wall testing to meet or exceed AAMA and ASTM standards. We have years of experience performing field inspections, testing, and expert testimony for both residential and commercial customers. We offer litigation support, can be retained as an expert witness for window-related water intrusion issues, and provide guidance when filing water damage insurance claims.